The ARCOS approach is designed to be comprehensive and typically involves direct work with the client and those supporting them. We treat everyone as an individual and work to understand the underlying causes of symptoms, putting together bespoke treatment plans and monitoring and adapting treatment based on the client’s response.

If you feel that you, or someone you know, could benefit from our services, then get in touch and we’ll set up a free telephone appointment with a therapist.

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Speech and language therapy

  • Helping develop communication
  • Making the most of mealtimes
  • Promoting confidence and independence

ARCOS speech and language therapists work with children, young people and adults who have difficulties in communication and/or eating, drinking and swallowing.

We see people who have various conditions and a wide range of needs. In order to meet those needs we provide information, assessment, specialist advice and therapy.

A number of our clients have neurological conditions that disrupt sensation and movement, some use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC).

We take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, using recognised, treatment methods including Facial Oral Tract Therapy (F.O.T.T.) and Total Communication. Our therapists aim to liaise and work together with those supporting clients in their daily lives.

Therapy is typically direct, face-to-face but also provided on line using video-conferencing.

ARCOS training Courses are available for professionals and carers.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy enables clients to participate in activities of daily living to the best of their ability. This may include personal care, social interests, household tasks, and vocational activities.

Our Occupational Therapist works with children and adults of all ages to enable them to meet their functional goals. We identify individual strengths and abilities as well as analysing any problem areas and working to facilitate change.

Dyspraxia assessment

We specialise in diagnosing the signs and symptoms of dyspraxia.

In essence, dyspraxia means a difficulty with movement. It presents as a difficulty planning and executing movements smoothly and effectively.

Read our Dyspraxia Assessment leaflet to find out some of the common symptoms

Sensory processing

Every second of every day we make decisions about how we feel and what we do. We get this information from our senses. They continually send all this information to our brains where the information is organised and interpreted to then be used to inform our decisions about what we do and how we act. This neurological process is sensory processing.

For some people sensory processing does not happen smoothly and efficiently, and for these individuals they do not always respond appropriately to everyday sensations. These people may benefit from an assessment of their sensory processing skills.

Read our sensory processing leaflet to find out more

Aids and adaptations

Maintaining our independence is important to all of us. Whether you are having difficulty getting out of the bath, putting on your shoes, or cooking a meal, there are a wide variety of aids and adaptations available to help you.

It can be difficult to navigate the options available to ensure you find the one that suits you. Our Occupational Therapist has extensive knowledge of aids and adaptations that are available and can help you to find the right piece of equipment that meets your needs, as well as your environment and your budget.

We can research the options and arrange for demonstrations of larger aids before you commit to purchasing. We also have some equipment in stock that we can loan to you so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Functional rehabilitation
Rather than relying purely on exercise and equipment for rehabilitation, we work one-to-one with children and adults using everyday activities to improve their functional ability. We like to think of this as ‘real life’ rehabilitation.

A key part of functional rehabilitation is identifying goals that our clients want to achieve. Through doing this, we can support them to carry out real life tasks and activities that build independence.

Facial oral tract therapy

Facial Oral Tract Therapy (FOTT) is a comprehensive approach to the assessment and treatment of disturbances in facial expression, oral movement, swallowing, breathing, voice, and speech production caused by a range of neurological conditions. It uses a whole body approach to promote helpful practice.

It was developed and pioneered by Kay Coombes, ARCOS founder and Director, and is a key part of our work supporting people with cerebral palsy and acquired and traumatic brain injury.
Read our FOTT leaflet to find out more 


We are able to offer physiotherapy support through close partnerships we’ve formed with valued colleagues.

These include Dr Pauline Christmas, a consultant physiotherapist who can offer support by appointment, and Vicky Fudge, who runs her own children’s physiotherapy and therapeutic riding business (

Music therapy

We know the therapeutic benefits that music can bring to children and adults with developmental and neurological conditions. That’s why we have forged partnerships with Chiltern Therapy and CHROMA.

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