The SMILE Project

The SMILE (Sensation Movement Interaction in Life Experiences) Project is a stay and play facility at ARCOS that encourages parents to play and learn alongside their children with the help and support of fully trained and experienced therapists and volunteers.

This approach to sensory learning helps to create a supportive atmosphere for all the family to enjoy. Sessions may include parents, carers, siblings, foster parents and others (such as grandparents).

Almost all of the children and young people attending SMILE experience difficulties in communication and social interaction, whether they communicate through verbal language or by other means. For these children, sensory items and hands-on practical activities are highly motivating and create useful opportunities for them to initiate and take part in communication.

SMILE offers state of the art interactive technology, not currently available at any other sensory room in Worcestershire. We provide cooking, dance classes, creative story-telling, and messy play. There’s also a music room where children enjoy listening games, singing songs, and making music with percussion instruments.

Everything you see, hear smell or touch at SMILE is designed to promote attention and encourage an active response to create a stimulating environment.

And, at the end of the session, the children (and the adults) are left with a big smile!

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