Living with Covid 19

Kay Coombes – CEO & Clinical Director at ARCOS explains the difficulties that have arisen since the onset of Covid 19 and how they are working as a charity to overcome these.

Our Mission

To promote and provide specialist training, comprehensive therapy and support for people with communication and/or swallowing problems, including those with multiple disabilities resulting from developmental or acquired brain injury.

What Do We Do?

ARCOS is a UK national charity, working to improve life for children and adults who have communication, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. These conditions are often complex, persist throughout life and require specialist, long-term treatment. Our goal is to enable clients to benefit from the latest advances in knowledge, understanding, skills and technology. Based in the West Midlands, we have a Resource, Training and Therapy Centre and operate a nationwide outreach service. ARCOS is not a private clinic. We depend upon charitable grants and donations to maintain a high quality of service. Fees are charged for assessment, therapy and training services. A great deal of information and advice is provided free charge. ARCOS works in collaboration with the NHS and other organisations working directly with clients and with their families. In order to promote comprehensive help and support, we expect to liaise with the client’s GP and other professionals involved. ARCOS provides training for professionals including doctors, therapists, nurses and teachers. The NHS, throughout the UK purchases the majority of ARCOS training courses for professional staff. ARCOS also provides training for relatives and other carers


ARCOS provides information, advice, equipment loan, multi-disciplinary therapy for people of all ages, training for professionals and a unique service of training for carers including relatives


SMILE (Sensation Movement Interaction in Life Experiences) provides a multi-sensory environment for calming relaxation and sensory stimulation.

SUpport us

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Who We Help

ARCOS works with children and adults communication or swallowing disabilities. We have a range of services from various programmes below: