For therapy, training, advice and support call us on 01684 576795 or

For therapy, training, advice and support call us on 01684 576795 or

Alternatively, please call the AFSIL (ARCOS Family Support and Advice Line) service on 07984 451327 on Monday or Tuesday from 9.30am -12.30pm or email: at any time.

Working together to improve the quality of life


ARCOS is a charity, working to improve life for people who have communication, eating, drinking, and/or swallowing difficulties. These conditions are often complex, persist throughout life and require specialist, long-term treatment. We help our clients improve their ability to communicate, their physical conditions and mental health, so that they can be as independent as possible.

Living with Covid-19

Kay Coombes – CEO & Clinical Director at ARCOS explains the difficulties that have arisen since the onset of Covid 19 and how they are working as a charity to overcome these.

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We offer a multi-sensory environment for calming relaxation and sensory stimulation. Children with a variety of disabilities  attend.

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Through specialist multi-disciplinary therapies, rehabilitation activities, and emotional support to make a difference and changing lives.

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We provide training in understanding best practice care and the latest technological support for a range of conditions for healthcare professionals.

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ARCOS provide physical and online training, information, and advice. You also gain a network of peer support to assist you through your journey.

“The ability to communicate effectively is an enormous contribution to independence and controlling one’s own life.”

Helga Ryf, founder member of ARCOS, stroke patient, pianist and linguist.

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