The weight of a person is important to their health. Monitoring changes in weight is recognised to be good practice.

However weighing can be difficult for those whose mobility problems make it impossible for them to use conventional weigh scales. This can mean relying on estimates or “making do” with equipment of variable accuracy.

The platform weigh scale at ARCOS complies with the non automatic weighing instruments regulations 2000. It is easy to use and accurate. It allows a wheelchair user to be weighed seated in their wheelchair and an ARCOS occupational therapist is on hand to help.

From November 2012 the weigh scale service will be available by arrangement, normally on Fridays 10.30 – 13.30.

Contact us for an appointment to use the SECA 677 Wireless Wheelchair Scales.


Platform with Ramped Access (WxHxD – 760 x 55 x 930mm) Capacity of 300kg Stable Hand Rail Body Mass Index (BMI) Print-out to confirm Date & Weight



Please contact ARCOS by phone or email to book an appointment

Telephone: 01684 576795 Email:

Charges: There is an introductory charge of £2.00 per person for using the service.