Facial Oral Tract Therapy (F.O.T.T.) Courses

Facial Oral Tract Therapy Courses are designed to provide an understanding of Facial Oral Tract Therapy (F.O.T.T.) for doctors, therapists, nurses and others involved in the rehabilitation of people with brain injury causing facial oral tract problems e.g. difficulties in eating and drinking (swallowing), breathing, voice and speech. Courses are multi-disciplinary and comprise, as well as theoretical aspects, self-experience and also supervised practical work in the assessment and treatment of patients.

Single Conference/Study Day: An introduction to the area of eating difficulties in clients with neurological disorders. It does not include practical work with patients. The study day can take the form of a lecture, in which case the audience is unlimited, or a self-experience workshop in which enough room is needed to allow people to work together.

Introduction to Facial Oral Tract Therapy (3 days): This course includes demonstration on patients either ‘live’ or on video.

Ground Course (G/F.O.T.T.) (5-6 days): Comprises theory (normal v. typical abnormal patterns) and supervised practical work with patients treated by a group of 2-3 course participants. Numbers are limited by the amount of patients able to take part. A number less than 18 is an advantage but it makes the course more expensive.

Refresher Course (3-4 days): For those who have already attended a Ground Course in F.O.T.T. or the equivalent and have a minimum of six months experience since then. The Refresher Course is a problem-solving seminar providing participants with an opportunity to review and discuss F.O.T.T. principles and treatment; benefit from self-experience workshops and supervised practical work with patients. Refresher Course members are expected to be thoroughly familiar with basic F.O.T.T. theory assessment and treatment methods and be ready to discuss relevant issues and aims of treatment. Course members are encouraged to bring illustrations of their own work, for example a brief case study of a patient and videotaped illustration of their work with patients.


Training: Demonstration and facilitation of technique to lengthen outward breath (expiration)


Course Feedback:

‘Very valuable to have input from such experienced staff’

‘Many thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge with us’
(Occupational therapists)

‘Highly stimulating and thought provoking – I expect my practice to change significantly as a result’

‘I have been given greater insight into what problems clients may have when eating and drinking’
(Occupational therapist)

‘I have learnt more in one morning than I have in a long time. Everything I learnt will have a very positive effect on the people I care for’

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