At School

Teacher quote: “Look I’ll be a bit more patient and you try harder, ok?”

Motor Skills and Coordination: I was hopeless at games. I couldn’t hit the ball in hockey, netball, rounders or tennis. I couldn’t even work out where I was supposed to stand! I hated swimming. The only thing I liked and I was good at was running. The games teacher said I could be in the team.

Organisation and Memory: I was totally disorganised when it came to my P.E. bag. I just carried everything around with me so I didn’t forget anything! The same went for my schoolbag. Everything was so disorganised and untidy.

Telling the Time: I couldn’t tell the time even at college. I arrived late for my first aid lesson. The teacher said “we begin at quarter past, okay?” (which unfortunately meant nothing to me). I didn’t want to show myself up by having to ask for help.

In the workplace

The restaurant: Embarrassing moments were when customers didn’t understand what I was saying and asked me to say it again and again. People hissed at me to ‘speak properly’. I felt pretty bad about that. Also, we had to serve the food on the right for women and left for men. I was forever getting it wrong. The other waitresses would say “wrong side”. The waitresses had to lay tables and I was forever doing that wrong as well. The knives and forks were in the wrong place.