To contribute towards improving children’s communication skills and personal, social and emotional development. We deliver a sensory approach to learning while working in partnership with carers.


  • To provide a sensory environment that is both comfortable and stimulating in which children can explore and learn through play.
  • To promote carers‘ awareness of their children’s early learning and development through making the most of everyday activities and interactions.
  • To provide advice and support to carers regarding their children’s needs.

SMILE recognises that:

  • Carers are a child’s first and most important educators.
  • Self-esteem and self-identity is central to learning.
  • Children learn best through play and interaction.
  • Relationships are at the heart of learning.

SMILE will always:

  • Value carers‘ knowledge and experience of their children and build on this by offering ideas and information.
  • Work with carers as equal partners through promoting active involvement during sessions.
  • Value diversity: welcoming people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Create opportunities for parents to share experiences and ideas in a safe and supportive environment.