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Multi-Sensory Environment

Sensory Room

Our sensory room at the centre in Malvern offers state of the art technology. Everything you see, hear, smell or touch is designed to encourage an active response and create a stimulating and relaxing environment for your child.

Innovation is an important characteristic of the way that ARCOS delivers services and this is no different with the therapy we provide for children.

Magic Mirror


Within the sensory room is the ‘magic mirror’, a revolutionary movement controlled software/camera system that can be activated by any part of the body, including the eyes.


Our intention in the future is to develop the large outside space next to the existing childrens therapy rooms to provide horticultural therapy and a sensory garden which will contain aromatic plants, herb garden, an area for sand/water play and outdoor play equipment.


All childrens therapy sessions are currently grant funded however as you can appreciate, this may not be the case always and standard session charges are as follow: 

1 hour individual sessions – £15

Full day group sessions (5-15 children) – £50

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Oliver's Story

Life before the children’s therapy that ARCOS has provided was very hard for Oliver and me. He struggled with so many things, hated change with a passion, and hardly ever wanted attention or cuddles…

michal-parzuchowski-RYxTItxb4oY-unsplash (1)

“The silence of speechlessness is never golden. We all need to communicate and connect with each other – not just in one way, but also in as many ways as possible. It is a basic human need, a basic human right. And much more than this, it’s a basic human power.’ 

Williams, 2000