Training and therapy carried out by ARCOS is based on the Bobath Approach.

Therapists are Bobath trained, following a first training that may be in physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy. ARCOS Director, Kay Coombes is a Bobath Tutor as well as a specialist speech and language therapist and member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. She has considerable teaching and clinical experience with children and adults who have brain injury.

ARCOS focuses particularly on communication and eating difficulties. Each of these complex functions requires an effective ‘postural background’ that is as normal as possible. In addition, ARCOS uses the latest developments in the specialist field of communication e.g. high tech alternatives to speech and up-to-date knowledge, based on scientific research into eating and swallowing disorders caused by neurological conditions. The result is a holistic, up-to-date Bobath based approach to the physical, psychological and social problems of disabled people.

ARCOS is concerned with the right to communicate. It aims to complement and extend current services for children and adults with communication difficulties caused by developmental or acquired brain damage by a number of initiatives. The knowledge, understanding, skills and technology are available and expanding rapidly. However, access to information and specialist skills is problematic. In addition, public awareness of the nature of difficulties commonly arising from brain injury and the possibilities afforded is limited.