ARCOS provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy based on the Bobath approach for children and adults with neurological conditions.

The Bobath Approach, originally introduced in the 1940s, transformed treatment for children and adults with physical disability caused by stroke or cerebral palsy. Therapy based on fundamental principles of the Bobath Approach is practiced throughout the world.

The Problems

  • Disturbed muscle tone, incoordination and involuntary movements are primary symptoms caused by brain injury. These prevent the development of normal posture and movement in children and impair them in older people. Physical disability is associated with impaired sensory ability and can prevent individuals making full use of hearing and vision as well as restricting mobility. In addition some people have speciic hearing, visual or learning difficulties.
  • Secondary handicap tends to accrue over time due to the effects of habitually using abnormal movement and effort in an attempt to function. Muscle tension (tonus), which is also increased by effort, is likely to lead to deformities that cause many brain injured people to become increasingly disabled and dependent over time. Some symptoms are particularly dangerous; for example, incoordination of swallowing and breathing can cause choking, chest infections and pneumonia.

bobathEvery aspect of life can be affected for the individual concerned and their family. Bobath addresses these problems through physical handling that enables the individual to experience the feeling of posture and movement that is as normal as possible. This is done through combining inhibition of abnormal movement with facilitation of normal activity. Bobath is a holistic and practical, 24 hour approach that makes use of daily life activities (or components of them) rather than ‘exercises’ to increase an maintain abilities.