ARCOS is a collaborative organisation working in partnership with other agencies in the independent sector as well as with statutory education, health and employment services.

ARCOS works with individuals, their families and others involved promoting function that is as normal as possible and preventing avoidable secondary disabilities through education.

ARCOS receives referrals from doctors and other professionals. We also accept self-referral from clients. In the case of self-referral, we seek to liaise with relevant health and education professionals who are involved. This promotes efficiency and helps to prevent duplication of service provision, misunderstanding and confusion.

ARCOS is a charity (registered number: 1007416) and provides a range of specialist services charged at a non-profit making rate. Services are provided to clients attending the ARCOS Centre in Malvern and via an outreach service to their home or elsewhere e.g. nursing home, hospital or school. In this case we charge travelling expenses in addition to fees for assessment or therapy.