ARCOS exists to improve life for children and adults who have communication and/or swallowing problems, their families and others involved. Many clients have complex life-long disabilities. Our goal is to enable them to benefit from the latest advances in knowledge, understanding. skills and technology.

The ARCOS Therapy Centre, based in Malvern, provides speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. ARCOS also operates a nationwide outreach service.

ARCOS provides information, advice, equipment loan, multi-disciplinary therapy for people of all ages, training for professionals and a unique service of training for carers including relatives. ARCOS provides therapy based on the Bobath principles and concordant treatment approaches including Facial Oral Tract Therapy (F.O.T.T.) and tactile guiding (Affolter) to treat those with physical, sensory and perceptual impairments caused by neurological conditions for example: cerebral palsy, stroke, head injury, motor neurone disease.

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