How does ARCOS work?

ARCOS is a charity working to improve life for children and adults who have communication and/or swallowing problems caused by conditions that are often complex and require specialised, long-term treatment.

Is ARCOS a private organisation?

No, ARCOS is not a private clinic. ARCOS is not government funded. We depend upon charitable grants and donations to deliver and maintain a high quality of service. Fees are charged for assessment, therapy and training services. A great deal of information and advice is provided free of charge.

How does ARCOS relate to the NHS?

ARCOS aims to complement and extend the work of statutory services and collaborate with colleagues in NHS and other organisations to improve services for people with communication and/or eating (swallowing problems). In order to promote comprehensive help and support, we expect to liaise with the client’s GP and other professionals involved.

Is treatment free of charge?

No. ARCOS charges for assessment and therapy. However, as a charity, ARCOS keeps fees to the minimum. There is no additional charge to clients for telephone calls, letters or brief reports. Contact ARCOS for full details of charges.

Will the NHS pay for treatment provided by ARCOS?

We always advise clients to contact their local NHS service and seek funding before beginning therapy provided by ARCOS.

Does my private health insurance policy cover ARCOS treatment?

All ARCOS therapists are fully qualified specialists. They are registered with BUPA and other leading insurers. If you expect private health insurance to pay for treatment provided by ARCOS, please ensure you have appropriate cover and provide details to ARCOS at the outset.

Does ARCOS provide training?

Yes. ARCOS provides training for professionals including doctors, therapists, nurses and teachers. The NHS throughout the UK purchases the majority of ARCOS’ training courses for professional staff. ARCOS also provides a unique service of training for relatives and other carers. Most of the training for relatives is provided free of charge, funded by grants and donations. From 2002 to 2005, grants from the BBC Children in Need Appeal enabled ARCOS to provide free training to carers for over 250 disabled children in nurseries, schools, residential homes, respite care and hospices.

Can I get information and advice from ARCOS?

Yes, ARCOS provides information and advice; you can call into our offices in Malvern or contact us by telephone: 01684 576795 or e-mail: