August 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the ARCOS August 2021 Newsletter


The purpose of the ARCOS newsletter is to:-

  • keep in touch with those of you who are already part of the ARCOS family and share news
  • Publicise the services of ARCOS to people who may be in need of specialist support for themselves or to meet the needs of children, young people and adults with complex needs known to them.
  • Provide information about specific issues causing concern to parents and carers living with a family member who has special educational needs or health conditions affecting eating, drinking, speech or communication.

The Sports and Grounds Expo (SAGE) 27th-29th July 2021, Three Counties Showground

At the start of the show we produced a short video from Director Kay Coombes to encourage people to visit the stand.

The ARCOS stand at the SAGE Expo 2021 was popular.  People of all ages tried out their riding skills on ‘Hero’ the horse riding simulator kindly lent by Racewood Limited. 

Other attractions on the stand included Innowalk motorised rehabilitation equipment provided with supervision from Made for Movement Product Specialists Sarah and Taran, and opportunities to meet Gloucester Athletics Club Coach Bob Purcell, Athlete Charlie Price and Equestrian, Frame Runner and Assistant Coach Kyrby Brown.  Kyrby now leads adaptive sport development at Quest.


We were delighted to see so many visitors.


A huge thank you to the SAGE team for splendid organisation, to Three Counties Showground personnel for their support and to ARCOS staff and volunteers who made everybody welcome.


Many children with special needs show an inspirational determination – and Samuel is one of them!

12 year old Samuel has athetoid cerebral palsy, he uses a wheelchair and communicates by using Eyegaze technology.

He has set himself the tough challenge to raise enough money to enable ARCOS to buy an Innowalk for lots of children to use.

The Innowalk is a pioneering, dynamic, motorised device which is designed to make movement possible for those with severe disabilities or for those who wish to have more supported but independent, physical activity.

Please donate to support Samuel’s amazing fundraising.

Alternatively, if you wish to organise your own Coffee and Cake Morning, Plant Sale, or something else, ingenious to raise money amongst your own neighbours and contacts which will support Samuel’s amazing Innowalk Challenge, ARCOS will be pleased to supply you with a fundraising pack. Please contact to receive more details and your fundraising pack.



Supporting young people up to and including 25 years of age.

SMILE activities have been maintained although in an altered and reduced form.  As the world slowly returns to the “new normal” it is hoped to re-instate the SMILE programme including monthly day respite. 

Please remember that individual therapy sessions continue to be available.  We are always pleased to hear from you, discuss needs and possible ways of meeting them.

It has been a difficult year for everyone in many different ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily lives.  The ARCOS Scarcely Special report highlighted the particular challenges faced by families with children with special educational needs. 

The Scarcely Special Report is available via this link:

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