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ARCOS has a number of supporters, including many household names.

Colin Baker "It's good to talk - How often do we say that to each other and take it for granted? We should count our blessings for there are many people - of all ages -and for a variety of reasons - who are deprived of the simple thing we all rely on so much - the ability to communicate. ARCOS is doing truly wonderful work for these 'forgotten' people and deserves all our support." - Colin Baker
Kay Alexander "We take our ability to communicate with each other for granted, but we could lose that ability at any time through accident or illness. ARCOS helps people regain what they have lost - why should anyone be needlessly condemned to a life of isolation?" - Kay Alexander.
Joanna Lumley "Welcome to the ARCOS e-mail service where the talking never stops. Be fab (Like Pip) and let your voice be heard all around the world. Masses of love and luck." - Joanna Lumley.
Steve Pinder "Some people find communication hard and as an actor, I know that communication is so important." - Steve Pinder.
Prunella Scales "My E-bite is just please help us to keep in touch." - Prunella Scales.
Chris Tarrant "Thank you for clicking on to the ARCOS website. Considering that talking is what I do for a living, I do appreciate how valuable the gift of speech is and how frustrating it must be for those without it. There is no doubt about it - being able to speak is worth much, much more than a million pounds! But, of course, there are other ways of communicating and the ARCOS e-mail service is certainly one of them. Use it and be heard. Best wishes and good luck!" - Chris Tarrant.
Maureen Lipman "Everything I do, writing, acting and entertaining is an act of communication. It is very easy for me to communicate and I often take that for granted. The people who need ARCOS have just as much as I have to communicate - even though it's so much harder to do so. ARCOS makes it easier." - Maureen Lipman.
Sarah Greene "Find out just how much everyone has to say on the ARCOS web page ……" - Sarah Greene.
Anna Friel "Well done ARCOS, keep up the good work. Love, Anna." - Anna Friel.
The Who ""Everyone deserves a voice."" - The Who.
Jason Flemyng "Lock stock and two smoking Lightwriters!" - Jason Flemyng.
John Savident "To be heard without a voice - an inspired use of the Internet." - John Savident.
Richard Wilson "Best wishes ARCOS, keep up the good work helping with the rehabilitation in communication skills." - Richard Wilson.
Tamzin Outhwaite "With love, luck and utmost respect." - Tamzin Outhwaite.
William Boughton "Through music we can communicate in so many ways, expressing so many different emotions and quite often feeling something that no words can express. We have all left a performance and have been so utterly affected by it that we remain speechless for sometime afterwards. As a conductor working with orchestras whose mother tongue is not English I have learnt how to communicate through face and hand gestures of how I want the music to be performed. All and every type of communication is vital and necessary." - William Boughton.
David Swift - David Swift.
Johnny Jonas ""Be gentle, be grateful - and remember to be careful of the toes you may tread on today - because they may be attached to the feet you may have to kiss tomorrow."  - Johnny Jonas.

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The Hereford Cantabile Girls Choir will be performing in concert in aid of the ARCOS SMILE project on 16th October 2014 at Christ Church in Malvern. Click HERE for further details.

Children in Need is pump priming the ARCOS SMILE Project to find out more
click here.

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